Rush Revere and the Presidency Quiz

1. According to the U.S. Constitution, how old does someone need to be in order to run for president?
2. Which of these was not one of Cam’s original reasons for wanting to be student body president?
3. During his campaign, Cam keeps all of his notes in his
4. Every four years, Americans vote for a new president on the
5. Rush Revere’s after-school club is called the
6. George Washington, the Nation’s first president, was inaugurated in
7. Which crewmember got dunked in the Presidential Splashdown game?
8. Cam meets George Washington’s grandchildren, named:
9. Who did George Washington appoint as his secretary of the Treasury?
10. Which amendment limits a President to just two terms?
11. President Washington’s final speech in 1797 is known as the
12. Which piece of advice did President Washington not leave for the Crew?
13. Which first lady do we remember for battling for the rights of women, African Americans and the poor?
14. The first two political parties in America were known as the
15. Under Thomas Jefferson, the size of the country doubled with the
16. Which red haired president helps the Crew rescue an injured bird?
17. What does Elizabeth steal from Cam before they give their speeches?
18. What was the Secret Service’s first job?
19. George Washington became President out of a
20. What day was John Adams inaugurated on?