Rush Revere and the First Patriots Quiz

1. What kind of animal is the Manchester Middle School mascot?
2. How many colonies were there in 1774
3. What is the prank that Tommy and Cam played in front of the class?
4. Who invented swim fins?
5. What is Liberty”s favorite type of food in Boston?
6. In what city can the Palace of Westminster be found?
7. What were the British soldiers called?
8. Who played the fiddle in the tavern?
9. True or False; the Stamp Act means that no one could use postage stamps on their envelopes?
10. In what country can Windsor Castle be found?
11. In what city did the famous massacre take place described in this book?
12. Which patriot is Rush Revere’s idol?
13. Who identified that there is electricity in lightning?
14. Who lived at Windsor Castle?
15. True or False; the Quartering Act of 1765 required the colonists to house British soldiers?
16. What did members of the crowd shout at Patrick Henry when he spoke in the Virginia House of Burgesses?
17. What was Paul Revere’s profession?
18. What did they throw off the boats in Boston Harbor?
19. What famous American spoke in front of British Parliament about the Stamp Act?
20. What is the meeting that Rush Revere, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and others attended at the end of the book called?