Rush Revere and the American Revolution Quiz

1. Why did Rush Revere go to the Marine base to see Cam’s mother?
2. Joseph Warren was a great patriot; what was his profession?
3. Cam was going to be inoculated with what vaccine?
4. How did Liberty distract the spy?
5. How did Liberty feel about little Liberty?
6. Why was Concord Bridge the turning point in the fight?
7. How many cannons did Henry Knox bring back from Ft. Ticonderoga?
8. What was special about Ed’s dodgeball outfit?
9. What was the name of Cam’s dodgeball team?
10. Name the other two historical riders on Paul Revere’s ride?
11. What famous American patriot was overweight and had mud on his shoes?
12. What is the other name for “Fort” that the patriots built in 1775?
13. On what hill was the Battle of Bunker Hill fought?
14. Why was Cam so angry in the beginning of the book?
15. How did Henry Knox get the cannons over the river?
16. How many lanterns were held out from the Old North Church?
17. Who held the lanterns out from the Old North Church?
18. Why were the guns of Ticonderoga strategically important?
19. Name the American General who forced the British out of Boston?
20. “Don’t shoot until you see____________.” (Fill in the blank)