Treaty of Paris

The Treaty of Paris was the document that ended the American Revolution in 1783. For the first time, Great Britain and the world recognized America as a sovereign nation. Peace negotiations began after the American and French victory at the Battle of Yorktown. The British also gave up land to the Americans and granted access to new fishing waters. The Americans agreed not to mistreat Loyalists and to give them back property they had confiscated. Without this treaty, American would not exist!

Although five men were sent to Paris to negotiate this treaty, only three made the trip: John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and John Jay.

This treaty was originally meant also to include Spain and France until England and America decided to communicate directly.

This treaty doubled the size of the United States!

Only Article 1 of this treaty still applies today (the article that gives America independence).

This treaty took about a year and a half to write and ratify.