George Washington by Gilbert Stuart


Student and Star Athlete

Tommy, introduced in Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims, is a student at Manchester Middle School and the star quarterback on the football team. Tommy learned how to throw a perfect spiral from his grandfather. At first Tommy seems like a troublemaker who is more set on telling jokes and disrupting class than actually learning. But, he is actually a secret genius who has a lot of respect for, and looks up to, his elders. Once he becomes a member of the Adventurers’ Crew, Tommy comes to realize how fun history can be. Tommy has a great imagination and enjoys learning incredible history lessons from Rush Revere and Liberty. He also enjoys joking around and playing pranks with his best friend Cam, who is also part of the Crew.

“It’s so weird that I want to go to history class instead of football!”

“My grandpa always tells me you have to obey your parents’ rules when you live under their roof.”

“They [Tommy’s dad and grandpa] always tell me I shouldn’t show off, but sometimes I can’t help it.”

“Just for the record, I’m not a big fan of King James. He sounds like a real party pooper. He probably got too many wedgies when he was a kid.”

Tommy thinks Tom Brady is the best quarterback of all time.

Tommy’s favorite food of all time is pepperoni pizza.

Tommy holds the Manchester Middle School record for most passing yards in a game.

Although Tommy is an athlete, he loves Star Wars and playing video games.

Besides playing football, Tommy also likes to build forts.