George Washington by Gilbert Stuart



Philadelphia is one of the most important cities in American history. Here, the First Continental Congress met at Carpenters’ Hall. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed at the Pennsylvania State House (Independence Hall). Philadelphia was the capitol of Pennsylvania Colony until 1799 and became an important meeting place during the American Revolution.

In the 1750’s, Philadelphia surpassed Boston as the leading port in British America and was second only to London in the British Empire. Benjamin Franklin became a very important citizen to the city and helped it blossom. Philadelphia was the temporary capitol of the United States from 1780 to 1800 while Washington, D.C. was under construction. There are great places to visit in Philadelphia!

Philadelphia is known as the “City of Brotherly Love.”

William Penn founded Philadelphia in 1682.

The famous steps Rocky Balboa climbed in the movie Rocky are in Philadelphia. The steps lead up to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Philadelphia is one of the most populated cities in the United States.

The President’s House was in Philadelphia before the White House was built in Washington, D.C. George Washington and John Adams both stayed there during their presidencies.