On September 6, 1620, the Pilgrims embarked on a long and difficult journey that would change history forever. The Mayflower was the ship that sailed a 2-month journey to bring these brave souls to the New World. Captained by Christopher Jones, the ship sailed from Plymouth across the Atlantic towards modern day Virginia. When storms led them north, they harbored at Cape Cod. 102 passengers travelled on this 180 ton, 106 foot long vessel. Passengers were crammed in a small space with little fresh air, and faced seasickness and shortages of supplies.

The Mayflower was a cargo ship that usually carried goods for trade rather than people.

The voyage was meant to begin on August 4,1620, but had to turn back twice when the Speedwell began to leak.

A baby was born while at sea! Elizabeth Hopkins had a little boy, named Oceanus.

About 40 of the passengers were “Saints” (the Puritan Separatists), 30 were “Strangers” (secular colonists), and 30 were crew members.

A later ship in 1629 was also named the Mayflower, and made multiple trips from England to America.