George Washington by Gilbert Stuart

Manchester Middle School

Tommy, Freedom, Cam, and Elizabeth are all students at Manchester Middle School. Mr. Sherman, who also happens to be Elizabeth’s dad, is the school principal. Rush Revere substitute teaches AP History there for Mrs. Borrington when she is away. This is where Rush Revere and the Crew often begin their time travel adventures!

“Now remember what we talked about. We don’t want to freak out the students the first day by showing them a talking horse.”—Rush Revere before he meets the students for the first time!—The Brave Pilgrims

“’Do you remember when we all travelled back in time with Liberty to Plymouth Plantation in the year 1621?’ ‘How could we forget? That wasn’t your average day at Manchester!’”—Rush Revere and Freedom, The First Patriots

Manchester Middle School’s mascot is the Lion.

In Rush Revere and the First Patriots, Liberty accidently transports Benjamin Franklin to Manchester Middle School!

Tommy is the quarterback of Manchester Middle School’s football team.