George Washington by Gilbert Stuart


Homeschool Student and Artist

Maddie is a homeschool student who loves learning in many untraditional settings such as taking field trips, going on tours and visiting historic locations! She first met the Adventurers’ Crew in Washington, D.C. while touring the U.S. Supreme Court building with her mother. Maddie and Freedom instantly became friends since they share many of the same interests. Maddie and her mom also joined the Crew at a Washington Nationals baseball game and continue to keep in touch. Not only does Maddie enjoy being pen pals with Freedom and the crew, she loves getting emails from homeschoolers throughout the country.

“Yes, yes, I want to be part of the Crew!”

“We could write letters and maybe send drawings and stuff. And I will be sure to keep it top secret.”

Maddie’s full name is Margaret.

Maddie’s mom has her involved in a homeschool co-op group.

Besides homeschooling Maddie, her mother is also a cardiologist.

Maddie is a pen pal with her best friend from the Crew, Freedom.

Maddie loves sketching and all kinds of arts and crafts projects.