Louisiana Purchase

In 1803, the United States (under Thomas Jefferson’s presidency) bought a huge territory of land from France. Today, this transaction is known as the Louisiana Purchase. The United States purchased a total of 828,000,000 square miles from the French, that makes up 15 modern day states! President Jefferson originally planned only to buy New Orleans from the French, and was surprised when they offered the whole Louisiana territory. This purchase remains one of President Jefferson’s most notable actions!

The Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of the United States.

Robert Livingston and James Monroe negotiated the purchase in France for President Jefferson.

The United States paid a mere $15 million for the territory—that’s less than 3 cents per acre!

The Louisiana Purchase was very controversial. It barely passed in Congress at a vote of 59-57.

Lewis and Clark famously led an expedition of this new land at the order of President Jefferson.