George Washington by Gilbert Stuart


Time-Traveling Horse Extraordinaire

Liberty is Rush Revere’s joke-cracking horse sidekick and a member of the Adventurers’ Crew who first appeared in Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims. Liberty is an instrumental part of the Adventurers’ Crew and has a multitude of special abilities. He is a very special horse who can speak, turn invisible by holding his breath, and time-travel! Liberty’s time-travel ability takes the Crew right to the action to witness incredible American history events first-hand. He is a vegetarian whose mind is mostly set on when and what his next meal will be. Liberty isn’t usually shy but was instantly love-struck when he met Paul Revere’s horse, Brown Beauty, in Rush Revere and the American Revolution.

“You know, horses have been an important part of this country.”

“For the record, there are three subjects that have always put me at the top of the class: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”

“Oh, sorry, I must have dozed off for a minute. Did I miss anything?”

“You know that apples are an excellent source of dietary fiber—and vitamin C, too?”

Apples are Liberty’s favorite food, but he’ll eat just about anything you put in front of him!

Liberty is a silly horse who loves to make all kinds of jokes.

Liberty dreams of all-you-can-eat buffets.

One of Liberty’s favorite movies is Seabiscuit.

Liberty thinks it would be totally cool to win the Kentucky Derby one day.