George Washington by Gilbert Stuart


Also Known as the Netherlands

The Pilgrims originally set sail from Holland in search of religious freedom. Leiden, Holland is near Rotterdam, which is in South Holland. At the time of the Pilgrims, Leiden housed approximately 100,000 people. It was an industrial area with a University. Although the Pilgrims found religious freedom there, the land was culturally different from their home in England. They found that the Dutch had a different moral code and feared their children were becoming too Dutch. Therefore, they decided to leave and find a home in the New World. They left from the port in Delfshaven, Holland on the Mayflower and Speedwell.

Holland is typically known for its wooden shoes (clogs), but few still wear them today. Remember when Liberty kicked his through a window?

The language of Holland is Dutch.

Natives of Holland are known as Hollanders.

The Netherlands political system is known as a constitutional monarchy.

Before leaving Holland in search of religious freedom, the people we know today as Pilgrims were originally known as English Calvinists.