French and Indian War

This war took place from 1754-1763, fought by the British against the French and their Native American allies. Conflict arose between the French and the British when France expanded into the Ohio River valley, which ran into the colonies’ territory. The British ended up winning the war, but it cost a lot of money. The British indicated that the tax they charged the colonies was to pay this war debt. But the colonists thought this was just an excuse to take away their freedoms.

This war is also commonly known as The Seven Years’ War. In reality, it lasted for 9 years!

After the British pushed out French citizens from a modern day Canadian province, they settled in Louisiana to become what we call “Cajuns.”

The lyrics for “Yankee Doodle” came from this war to make fun of the colonists. Instead, they ladopted this song as an anthem during the Revolution.

It was through this war that the British gained control of Florida from Spain.

Winston Churchill called this “the first world war,” because its battles took place all over the world.