E Pluribus Unum

This Latin phrase means, ”Out of many, one” and is our country’s motto. Have you ever heard the United States referred to as a ”melting pot”? Today, we interpret this phrase to mean that all kinds of different people have come together to form one great nation. Pierre Eugene du Simitiere suggested the motto in 1776, however, in reference to the 13 colonies coming together as one. Today, this phrase is included on the Great Seal of the United States as well as on various seals within the executive, judicial, and legislative branches of government.

This phrase was adopted in Latin because, at the time, all scholars studied and knew the language.

E pluribus unum originally appeared in a publication from London known as The Gentleman’s Magazine.

As an artist, Simitiere specialized in coat of arms and crest design.

This phrase is also featured on the one-dollar bill.

When presented to Congress, this phrase was automatically accepted, but it took six years to agree on a design for the Great Seal!