George Washington by Gilbert Stuart

Cam’s Playbook

In Rush Revere and the Presidency, Rush Revere encourages Cam to start a playbook of tactics to win the Manchester Middle School student body presidential election. As the Crew travels throughout history, incredible patriots from the past give Cam great advice to keep in his playbook. But do you remember what happens when his playbook suddenly goes missing right before his big speech? Check out Cam’s full list of plays below!

Find out the rules and criteria for running for student body president.

Decide you are running, sign up, and determine what you would do as president.

Understand what it means to be a good leader.

Pick a good team.

Communication strategy with the students.

Develop and practice your speech regularly.

Focus on a strategy to get votes.

Use your leadership skills to adjust your plan to what is thrown at you.

Know that the presidency is bigger than one person, and service to others is more important than glory.

Expand your voting groups to increase votes.

Develop armor against criticism.

Inspire people in your words and actions.