George Washington by Gilbert Stuart


Rush Revere Crew Member

Cameron began attending Manchester Middle School in Rush Revere and the First Patriots. He moved from Colorado and soon became an important member of the Adventurers’ Crew. Cam and Tommy are neighbors who quickly became best friends. Cam’s hobbies include video games, sports, and pranks. His father is a member of the U.S. Marine Corps and was deployed to Afghanistan in Rush Revere and the American Revolution. Cam was upset his father had to leave, but then learned the importance of his father’s duties as a Marine fighting to defend our freedom. Cam is an outgoing kid that is enthusiastic and passionate about America and its history.

“Dude, do you realize what we’re about to do? We’re going undercover! We’re like eighteenth-century special ops or Navy SEALs!”

“I understand why you left us. You went to fight for our country so we could be safe at home. You went away to protect us like the first American soldiers did. You went to defend our freedoms written in the Declaration of Independence.”

“Yeah, American history is awesome. I’ve learned a lot from it.”

“My mom’s the Supreme Court in our house. One time I made a new law that I shouldn’t have to wash the dishes. Oh, boy, she struck that faster than a cat falling upside down.”

Cam is a master at performing yo-yo tricks.

Cam enjoys building forts with his best friend Tommy.

History is one of Cam’s favorite subjects.

Cam loves pranks so much that he even pulled a prank using a glass eye on his very first day of class at Manchester Middle with Tommy’s help.

Cam is a fantastic dodge ball player and used the tactics used at the Battle of Concord to lead his team to victory against the school bully named Billy.